Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow's Back to School Sales!!

Staples has $0.01 spirals, $0.25 poly 1/2" binders,  $0.25 2pk Sharpies, $0.25 mini composition notebooks, $0.50 copy paper after rebate, FREE Zebra Cadoozles mechanical pencils and FREE 3pk highlighters after rebate.

Office Depot has $0.01 pocket folders, copy paper (after rebate), and rulers.  $0.25 composition notebooks, 12pk pencils, scissors, and crayons.
Walmart has 15 qt clearor 5 gal storage totes for $3.47, Mini Grill, toaster and Coffee Makers for $6

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Target Back to School Deals this week

$0.20 pencil sharpeners (and you can't find them for under $2 later on in the year) and $0.20 2pk pink erasers . 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

OMG!! Compositioin Notebooks are $0.10 at Staples tomorrow!!!

I am so excited about this deal!!  I have not seen composition notebooks for anything less than $0.25 (and that's only if you're lucky) for several years.  $0.10 is a STEAL!!!  Get to Staples early, but leave some for me!!!  Limit 3 (unless you're a teacher. . . then it's 25) and $5 min. purchase.

To meet that minimum $5 purchase, you can get a ream of copy paper for $4.49, send in the EASYrebate and you really only pay $0.50, or Cadoozles mechanical pencils for $5, but FREE after EASYrebate.  They also have rulers, striped paper clips and Really Useful Boxes for $0.25 each.  Another great thing is the hanging file crates for $3 or 4 drawer rolling carts for $9

Office Depot has $0.01 glue, $0.50 erasers, pens, poly binders and staple removers.

Office Max has $0.01 filler paper, $0.10 pack of pens, and $0.25 poly folders.  There's also a coupon in the back of their ad for a $0.20 little tub of pencil grips and erasers.

Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MarbleWhat??? ColdWho???

Why in the heck anyone still goes to those high-priced, gourmet ice cream places, is beyond me. . . . My little sweetie and I had a date at Braums tonight and he got a double dip cone that was almost as big as his head for $1.99!  It's not even a sale. That's their regular price!!  I love the froyo, and that was even less. 
Here's what you get for $1.99 at Braums:

And, here's what you get for $1.99 at some other places:

Oh yea, AND they have the awesome crunchy ice like Sonic and Chicken Express. Braum's rocks.

Monday, July 25, 2011

FREE Francis Chan Book!

Francis Chan is the author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God.  He is giving away FREE books!!  Just order one here.  He also writes children's books Halfway Herbert, Big Red Tractor, and Ronnie Wilson's Gift.  Thanks for the tip Bargain Shopper Lady!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I'm so excited, I could just scream!!!!!  AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


DID YOU KNOW that Joann accepts more than one coupon in a transaction?????  I didn't, so I am thrilled to pass the good news along.  The rules are that you can only use 1 coupon per item, and 1 of each type of coupon.  So if you were really awesome (which you are) you could use 1 coupon from their ad that is 40% off of fabric, 1 that is 40% off an item, 1 that is 50% off notions, AND 1 that is 40% off from the mailer, one from online, etc.  Do you see the endless possibilities here?????  As long as the coupons come from different places (like the mailer, ad, or online) you can use them all, OR if the coupons are worded differently. .  .OH MY GOSH, the BEST part is that they accept COMPETITORS coupons TOO!!!!  I didn't know that either, so you can ALSO use coupons from places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels!!! The only thing you can't use them on is what ever is specified on the coupon, fabric (for Michael's coupons, since Michaels doesn't sell fabric), and items already on sale.  I will never again buy a full priced item from Joann.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

The other cool stuff I'm so excited about is Teacher-ey so I'll post it on my other blog: Silver Slippers and Flying Monkeys.  Have fun shopping!!